Our Brands

The go ahead! range offers a variety of delicious, satisfying snacks all carefully portioned so you can snack smart! 

Launched in 1996, go ahead! is the original pioneer of lower calorie snacking, and remains a firm consumer favourite. More than 1 in 5 UK households buy go ahead! products and 200 million go ahead! packs are sold each year. 

That’s almost 400 go ahead! packs sold every minute!


Go Ahead Fruit Slices

go ahead! Crispy Fruit Slices

Yummy, light crispy biscuits with a delicious fruit flavoured filling perfect to liven up your snack o'clock! We know. We tried. 

Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks

go ahead! Yogurt Breaks

Yummy, light, crispy biscuits with fruit flavoured fillings. Oh, and we've topped it all off with a delicious yogurty topping! You can thank us later!