1. Make Biscuits Impossible to Miss

  • Locate Biscuits in high footfall areas at front of store
  • Put them next to complementary categories such as tea and coffee

2. Stock the Best Selling Biscuits Lines

  • Our core range should be the core of YOUR range – simple!
  • Ranging these better Biscuits will lead to a better Biscuits business

3. Draw Shoppers to the Biscuits Fixture

  • Keep our SKUs together on fixture to create McVitie's and Jacobs blocks
  • Keep similar Biscuits types together to get customers engaged with the category
  • Use our branded point of sale merchandising to draw new people to the Biscuits fixture

4. Make Prices Easy to See

  • Show that you offer good value by making price visible on shelf, using price marked packs where possible
  • Price marked packs clearly communicate value and transparency to the shopper

5. Maximise Impulse and Events

  • Make Biscuits promotions visible away from the main Biscuits fixture to drive extra sales
  • 1 in 5 Biscuits sold in convenience are to eat straight away – don’t forget your Biscuits Snack Bars
  • People eat more Biscuits at Christmas – stock up on McVitie’s Victoria and Family Circle
Top tip:
Biscuits are eaten more often than all other impulse categories so make sure your shoppers can find them!
Five Steps Biscuits Step 1
Top tip:
The top 25 brands account for around 50% of Biscuits sales
Five Steps Biscuits Step 2
Top tip:
McVitie’s and Jacobs are the biggest brands – so show them off!
Five Steps Biscuits Step 3
Top tip:
More than half of shoppers say price is key to purchase in convenience
Five Steps Biscuits Step 4
Top tip:
Shoppers see it, want it and then buy it
Five Steps Biscuits Step 5