1. Make Biscuits Impossible to Miss

  • Locate Biscuits in high footfall areas at front of store
  • Put them next to complementary categories such as tea and coffee
  • add kit solutions to make category stand out
  • Highlight New products on fixture

2. Stock the Best Selling Biscuits Lines

Our range recommendations are based on the best sellers in the market and are now tailored regionally as well!

  • Our range should be the core of YOUR range – simple! Select the planograms that matches your store
  • Make sure to give more space to best sellers to help shoppers find them easily

3. Draw Shoppers to the Biscuits Fixture

  • Keep Brands together on fixture to create McVitie's and Jacobs blocks
  • Keep similar biscuits types together to get customers engaged with the category
  • Use our branded point of sale merchandising to draw new people to the Biscuits fixture

4. Make Prices Easy to See

  • Show that you offer good value by making price visible on shelf, using price marked packs where possible
  • Price marked packs clearly communicate value and transparency to the shopper

5. Optimise Promotions and Events

  • Make Biscuits promotions visible away from the main Biscuits fixture to drive extra sales - remember they're highly impulsive to shoppers!
  • 1 in 5 Biscuits sold in convenience are to eat straight away – don’t forget your Biscuits Snack Bars
  • People eat more Biscuits at Christmas – stock up on McVitie’s Victoria and Family Circle
Top tip:
Biscuits are a highly impulsive category so make sure your shoppers can easily find them!
Five Steps Biscuits Step 1
Top tip:
80% of total biscuits sales come from only 7% of products!
Five Steps Biscuits Step 2
Top tip:
McVitie’s and Jacobs are the biggest brands in Sweet and Savoury – so show them off!
Five Steps Biscuits Step 3
Top tip:
More than half of shoppers say price is key to purchase in Convenience
Five Steps Biscuits Step 4
Top tip:
Dual site biscuits to optimise sales!
Five Steps Biscuits Step 5