McVitie’s launches NEW 89p PMP range!

15 September 2016

McVitie’s launches NEW 89p PMP range!



pladis is proud to announce the launch a new range of 89p PMP across biscuit barrel favourites, in depots from September.  The range consists of:


  • McVitie’s Custard Creams 300g
  • McVitie’s Bourbon Creams 300g
  • McVitie’s Nice 250g
  • McVitie’s Shorties 300g
  • McVitie’s Coconut Rings 300g


This new range will not only ensure an improved branded offering, but shoppers will also experience better value for money.  The new packs weigh between 250 – 300g, a much bigger pack than has previously been available on these lines.