Sweeten Up Your Seasonal Sales!

08 November 2016

Five steps to ensure festive in-store success this Christmas


Top tips for a better Christmas on Biscuits & Snacks for UK Retailers

(All data sourced from IRI Litmus 20 w/e 4th Jan 2016, unless otherwise stated)


Christmas Range


In the 12 weeks period ending 3rd January 2016, 1 in every 5 biscuits shoppers purchased seasonal Christmas biscuits and the biscuit spend per shopping trip and spend per buyer during this period, was at its highest. With this in mind, it is essential for retailers to follow these Christmas top tips to maximise their biscuits sales in store:


1)     Catch the early festive shoppers with impossible to miss biscuits

2)     Deck your aisles with the best-selling biscuits

3)     Spread festive cheer throughout your store drawing shoppers to seasonal biscuits

4)     All shoppers want for Christmas is highly visible prices and promotions

5)     Add some sparkle to your sales and add value through novelty products 


1)     Catch the early festive shoppers with impossible to miss biscuits

The UK is a nation of biscuit lovers and consumers buy even more at Christmas – seasonal biscuits are worth £6.7m in the Convenience channel alone.  Shoppers will be starting to plan their Christmas shop early so aim to have all seasonal stock available from the first week of October to help secure strong festive sales. Keep your seasonal brands at the front of store and in highly visible displays to catch shoppers’ eye as they start to stock up for the festive period. Given their popularity at this time, biscuits alone should be given at least 20% of total seasonal snacking space. 


2)     Deck your aisles with the best-selling biscuits

“Finding something nice” is the number one objective for Christmas shoppers[1], over half of whom are looking for something to share with the family, whilst one in five are looking for a gift. 43% of UK households bought McVitie’s or Jacob’s Seasonal biscuit products last Christmas[2] making them a firm favourite, so ensuring shelves are stocked with these best sellers will help maximise festive sales.


Hena Chandarana, Trade Communications Controller at pladis comments: “Retailers should make sure they have their ‘must stock’ brands including pladis’ range of No.1 best sellers displayed prominently in store to attract core shoppers to family favourites. The research shows that consumers will return to favourites like these time and time again.”


The ‘must stock’ products are as follows:

  • McVitie’s Victoria – No. 1 Premium Sweet Assortment
  • McVitie’s Family Circle – No. 1 Everyday Assortment
  • Jacob’s Biscuits For Cheese – No. 1 Savoury Assortment
  • McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Pole – No. 1 Seasonal Novelty


3)     Spread festive cheer throughout your store drawing shoppers to seasonal biscuits

Develop cross-category promotions with sweet and savoury snacking products or soft drinks brands, to encourage consumers to trade up and increase their basket size and spend. Where possible, theme displays with point of sale or decorations to add in-store theatre and draw shoppers’ attention.  Try giving your store a point of difference by stocking attention grabbing novelty products such as the McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Pole and the Jacob’s caddies range. Shoppers want and expect seasonal space and signage and offering secondary sitings and eye-catching shippers can significantly boost your sales, especially during the last six weeks before Christmas.


4)     All shoppers want for Christmas is highly visible prices and promotions

Don’t be the last to get your Christmas display up. Last year, only three out of ten shoppers were planning to do their ‘big Christmas shop’ in a single retailer, with 56% saying they would be visiting two or more different retailers to stock up on Christmas groceries. A third of shoppers said when shopping for Christmas groceries they usually buy the best quality available³. This focus on quality, combined with shoppers’ desire to save money has made the Christmas consumer increasingly savvy, so take advantage of the countdown to Christmas by offering early bird promotions.


5)     Add sparkle to your seasonal sales with something new

Drive value into your category through offering shoppers something new and differentiated which they are happy to pay a little extra for. Novelty pack formats and products are on trend so make sure you add some new news to make your Christmas biscuit range extra special. New for this season, the McVitie’s Gold bullion bar gift box is sure to add some glitz to your shelves!


Christmas Countdown:

  • With eight weeks to go (post Halloween) create a big push on Christmas by increasing space to seasonal biscuits and ensuring promotions are visible through secondary sitings and shippers in store
  • With four weeks to go maintain momentum (48% of all seasonal biscuit sales happen in this period).  Drive sales by ensuring range and promotions remain highly visible in store and availability is maintained right through until the end of the festive period.
  • With one week to go keep the Christmas magic in store alive as this is the most important week of Christmas sales. Around 17% of sales occur during this week alone so dedicate space in front of store displays to seasonal biscuits to keep those tills jingling.
  • Finally, don’t forget that seasonal sales don’t stop at Christmas but continue right into January so make sure you keep shelves and secondary displays fully stocked.  Empty shelves will undoubtedly result in customers going elsewhere for their festive biscuits, cakes and snacks.

[1] Shopper IQ Research Nov/Dec 2013

[2] Kantar Worldpanel 20 w/e 3 Jan 2016

³ IGD ShopperVista ‘Christmas Shopping 2015’ Dec 2015