Build your sharing range with TUC Minis

14 January 2018

pladis has announced its latest product innovation for 2017with the launch of new TUC Mini’s range, available in TUC Original and TUC Mini Cheese flavours. Available now, this new range taps into a new growing consumption moment for TUC -  the evening sharing occasion.


Graham Phelan, TUC UK Brand Manager at pladis, commented: “With TUC Minis we’re looking to target consumption moments which are centered around the popular sharing occasion. We see this as a huge opportunity as people cherish the emotional experience of time spent together with friends and family. TUC is already a successful family favourite brand growing 7% year-on-year, and the new minis range will add a fresh approach for retailers’ shelves going into 2018.”


Summary of availability:

TUC Minis Original, 12 x 200g

RISP: £1.39

TUC Minis Cheese Flavour, 12 x 200g

RISP: £1.39


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